[Open Beta] Digimi FAQ

Hello, Builders!

Hello, Builders!

Excited to play the game but not sure where to start? No worries! We here at DiGiMi are here to guide you on how to register and play the game. Read on and find out!

If you want to access admin support, please join our official Discord Community:


or follow us at:

How to Play the Game

Go to Official Website:


For players with loading issue, please proceed here:


How to Sign Up and Make an Account on the Game

If it’s your first time making a DiGiMi account, please refer here for the details:

If you already registered an account before, put in your login details and press login.

How to Bind Account

If you already registered an account before, you need to bind it with an email. To proceed with this step, after you press login, a new window will pop out.


After pressing Register Now this window will pop out:

  • Input your active email address.
  • Press Get Code. An email will be sent to your email address, copy the code and paste at box #3.
  • Input code from your email sent by DiGiMi
  • Input your desired password
  • Click Register an account

After pressing Register an account, you will be redirected to login interface of DiGiMi.

Your email address will be displayed on interface. Please click Bind to finish the process.

CONGRATULATIONS! You can now play the game using your old account. Happy building!

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